Why book a birth photographer?

Why would you want someone "down there" taking photos?
<insert horrified face>
Please press play .......

Why WOULDN'T you book a birth photographer?

Giving birth is one of the most precious days of your life, why would you not want memories of that day?

Often when women are in labour they lose track of what has happened, when it has happened, what the mood was like.
Imagine someone said to you, I can take you back to that first moment you met your child, you will be able to see what was happening at the time, I will give you a way of not forgetting.

Sure your husband can do that for you, right?
BUT wouldn't you prefer he was by your side, holding your hand, that he to could look back at that moment he became a dad.

Birth is not just about that moment you push a baby out, it is about the strength, the love, the emotion that got you to that moment, it is about the moments after, the joy, the discovery, the love.

Why not just enjoy the moments, celebrate becoming a family, and let me document it for you, its what I love to do!