I have one more shoot and then I am on holidays for a little bit. This weekend I head to Melbourne for The Australian Professional Photography Awards – fondly referred to as APPAs. I have entered and attended the last 2 years and both years I have come home with a silver award, and a few so close I can smell it!

When I tell people I have entered, they often say, “oh I hope you win” thank you, so do I!! But its not really a case of “winning”, there isn’t a gold, silver and bronze medal for 1st,2nd and 3rd. So I thought I’d explain it a bit before I head off for this years awards(party)!

There are 16 categories you can enter, and you can enter 4 prints. 2013 I entered 4 prints into the family category, 2014 and this year I have entered 4 images into the birth category. Technically you can “win” as every category has a “photographer of the year” winner.Thats a pretty big deal if you get that!!

So I have chosen my 4 images – that in it’s self is no easy task, out of the thousand of photos I have taken, how can I choose just 4! So what next.

Those photos are submitted digitally and then printed and mounted and sent in a special case (after rubbing Buddha’s belly) to Melbourne. Appa starts on Friday and today people in Melbourne starting unpacking and categorising all the prints.

Then on Friday the judging starts (I feel sick with nerves just thinking about it!), one by one, in no particular order images are revealed to a panel of 5 judges, these judges change throughout the process, judges will step down if they recognise a print and someone else will step in.

This is pretty much what judging looks like,
photo credit -
Each judge judges the print out of 100, while spectators watch on. Then the judges scores are averaged and that is the final score for the print, they then turn around a new print.

This is what the scores equate to …


more info here -
Then there are the other accolades you can get – An Associate of photography, A Master of photography etc, I am not really up on that but recently looked, to get your Associate of photography you need 5 points, I have 3, so if I do well this year I may just end up with my associate.

So far over 3 awards (2 APPAs and one State equivalent QAPPAS) my scores have ranged from 74 to 84. Would love to better this year, but I really have no idea.
Mind you, to me the Awards are about so much more than awards, I learn, I get inspired, I make friends, I catch up with old friends, I let my hair down a little, drink a wine or 2, and just enjoy being part of an awesome industry. And yes, I hope I win too 

I will post again after the awards and show you what I entered.
You can see my 2013 silver here (this is a sensitive image) and below is my 2014 silver. (the photo is a little dodgy, Earlier this year my studio flooded and I hadn’t realised my award images and got wet, so the matt boards are all mouldy  I had to photoshop the matt board just so I could show you what they look like!)

And if you are interested you can see all the awarded images from last year here, there are some amazing images, so much talent in Australia!



While the website is still not quite finished I thought it would be nice to post this here as one of the 1st posts on the new Breathe Blog <3
Often when I say I am a birth photographer I get a common reaction – “ewww why would someone get that photographed?”
Why? because birth is amazing, it can be a pivotal time in a woman/man/couple’s life. Birth photography is not just about a baby coming out of a vagina! It encompasses so much more ……..